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About Luddite Online is owned and operated by Education Associates, LP. In conjunction with Education Associates, LP, is dedicated to providing information and resources to help you find your way in a rapidly changing world.

The term, “luddite,” is often used inaccurately. While this site does offer a forum for people to voice their views about the problems and abuses associated with technology,, as its name suggests, does not promote the idea that technology should be banned or that technology does not offer any benefits. Please see our page Luddite Anthem for more information.

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Net Neutrality Wins the Day

Luddites of 17th Century England fought the government to retain a hold on their livelihood and standards of living. The government's recent decision to enforce rules...


Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution once was considered shocking. To suggest that humankind descended from apes was considered blasphemous. Oddly we now have arrived...

Luddite Film of the Century?

Amidst all the rapid and radical change from carbon paper, leaded gasoline, transistor radios, black and white television, rotary dial phones, and telegraph machines to high-speed Internet, disposable cell phones...

Silicon Valley and Amorality

Within recent memory, people respected those who achieved success through hard work. Similarly, not so long ago, cool was how we described those who could pull us out of sad, abusive, toxic places and make us feel good again.

Fugunka Films on Luddite Online

The contemporary world may be described as the era of “isms.” Capitalism, communism, fascism, nationalism, idealism, nihilism, atheism, totalitarianism, relativism, socialism, patriotism, fanaticism, pluralism, populism

Is there anybody out there?

Once upon a time not very long ago, in a place not very far from where you are standing right now, the world was a vast place full of wonder, mystery, adventure, and promise.


Pessimism is unnatural. I was recently discussing business opportunities with a local colleague who also owns and operates a small business.

Revisionist History and Cultural Cleansing

Finger-pointing and "The Blame Game" are the status quo, to some degree: determining guilt is often no easy task and is the reason every nation has its established method...

Deus Ex Machina: Literally!

Deus ex machina is a Latin phrase meaning "God from the machine," and has until recently been used almost exclusively to discuss literature.

Counter-intelligence, Hackers, etc.

The White House says Russia is behind a cyber-attack that breached the White House computer system. Edward Snowden is in Russia because he says the White House....

Really….That’s not funny anymore…

What is so sad about the abuse of technology is not only how people have been dehumanized and reduced to button-pushing, pill-swallowing, automatons indoctrinated into a somnambulant state...


Although there is a debate, it is fairly one-sided. There is no debate that the unasked for, unregulated, unsupervised, uncontrolled, and incomprehensibly rapid pace of technological change being forced...
July 2024