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LudditeOnline.com is owned and operated by Education Associates, LP. In conjunction with Education Associates, LP, LudditeOnline.com is dedicated to providing information and resources to help you find your way in a rapidly changing world.

The term, "luddite," is often used inaccurately. While this site does offer a forum for people to voice their views about the problems and abuses associated with technology, LudditeOnline.com, as its name suggests, does not promote the idea that technology should be banned or that technology does not offer any benefits. Please see our page Luddite Anthem for more information.

LudditeOnline.com also promotes traditional research, scholarship, and the arts. Our online galleries offer, either directly or via links to third-party sites, original writing, photography, and other items. While our selection is currently limited, we hope that popular support and site membership will allow us to grow so we can continue to participate and offer guidance and support in these areas.

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  1. Richard LangtryRichard Langtry04-02-2015

    Maybe someday soon, actually reading a book with paper pages will once again be popular.

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