Technology: Bad for the Brain

Technology, technology, technology....Science, nerds, geeks, IT, virtual reality.....Sometimes it seems there is nothing else to life and the world we live in, and many people seem to think that's perfectly okay. However, technology is not the same thing as science. And while marketing professionals have been very successful at selling the high-tech lifestyle as the premium choice for anyone with half a brain, there are many serious-minded professionals within the education, technology, science, legal, government, and business sectors, both public and private, who agree that Too Much Technology Is Bad for the Brain.

Luddite Online, by virtue of its online presence, cannot be held accountable for any fanatical, anti-technology, manifesto-minded insanity. Quite the opposite, Luddism has never been the result of mere opposition to technology for its own sake (read out Luddite Anthem for more information.) However, even in a society that so obviously betrays so many signs of turning its back on the outside world, those who continue to persist in the delusion that learning about technology itself, how to write code, or become an expert in only the most esoteric of ultra-complicated technological language of the most limited and exclusive application, at the exclusion of everything else  is somehow an improvement over traditional education is clearly misguided.

Steve Nelson, Head of the Calhoun School in Manhattan, in his article of the same name, claims not to be a Luddite in expressing these views. Although Luddite Online agrees with the assertions in his article, we also challenge Mr. Nelson to reconsider his status as a Luddite, in light of our more inclusive definition, as stated in our Luddite Anthem.

Too Much Technology Is Bad for the Brain _ Steve Nelson

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