Pessimism is unnatural. I was recently discussing business opportunities with a local colleague who also owns and operates a small business. Unfortunately, we were unable to come to any agreement or establish any kind of productive relationship. I have grown accustomed to this disappointment, but I still know deep down that continual disappointment is not normal, and that toxic and negative professional environments are the exception, and not the rule. Despite the bad news, I was gratified that my short conversation with this colleague was not entirely unproductive. He confirmed what I have been suspecting for the longest time. He indicated to me not only his belief that operating outside the law was a preferable way to run business; but also that the current dysfunctional environment is the result of a deliberate effort on the part of a few wealthy individuals to corrupt and pervert the educational system into a tool for organized crime by indoctrinating generations of young people into a cult of pessimism; and that he was proud to be part of that effort.

And now, for a word about the growing culture of pessimism, for which some people proudly claim responsibility for having deliberately engineered, please follow this link:

Pessimist Perspective

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