Office Space

The ugliness and inescapability of life in our contemporary age of mediocrity, ennui, dissatisfaction, annoyance, and overcrowding is expressed with comic brilliance in Office Space. While films like Fight Club sustain the raw human emotion that our modern world seems to be making an uninterrupted effort to suppress, Office Space explores the equally realistic consequences of what waking up from this forced somnambulance might look like. An average office worker employed in an average office park by an average IT-company to generate endless tech reports full of data someone is paid a lot of money to pretend to care about sees a hypnotist at the urging of his girlfriend who is tired of his reticence. Unfortunately, the hypnotist has a heart attack before the office worker is brought back to the real world, so his consequent release from subconscious inhibitions sparks a chain of events simultaneously agonizing but also long overdue. The poetry of Fight Club is transformed to the constipated mundaneness of suburban life, with a no-less-effective cathartic expression of Luddite rage.

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